So every once and a while my mother asks me if I’ve read such-and-such a book. Generally speaking, if it’s not YA… I haven’t read it. And true to my 13 year old self, I don’t want to read it. KISS OF DEATH people. She tells me something’s good, I do not believe her.

Well that’s not entirely true. In fact it’s not true at all anymore. However, we have very different pleasure reading tastes; and, while I’m very happy when she’s read a book she loves, I usually don’t want to read it. Because it will probably be work for me. And pleasure reading is not about work. EVER. So never let anyone tell you off for not reading something they loved if it’s not something you love too in the first 50 pages. (This doesn’t apply to school. You will have to read books that you hate. I did. So move on, k?)

But like I mentioned above, YA is where my mom’s and my own reading tastes intersect. image of a two circle venn diagramJust like a Venn Diagram. (See, they do teach you good things in school!)

So several months ago, my mom asks me if I’ve read a book that her kids are all hepped up about. Since I hadn’t, and she’s never steered my in a wrong YA direction before, I immediately took her copy and devoured it. Good thing too, because now I get to be a cheerleader for yet another awesome YA series. So thanks Mom. Good job!

And the book is…

book cover of "I Am Number Four" by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


Imagine that you have moved 21 times by the age of 12. You’ve never been to a party, never had close friends, and the only constant in your life is the man everyone assumes is your father. Weird right? Not even.

“John” (that’s his name now; but it has, and will, change) came to Earth when he was 5. He doesn’t remember much about where he lived before (Lorien was the name of the planet), and only barely remembers saying goodbye to his grandparents. It took a year of travelling to get to Earth, and he and the 8 other children he was sent with have not seen each other since they arrived. They can’t stay together you see. To do so would break the charm that protects them from being killed out of order. And they are being hunted.

“In the beginning we were a group of nine.

Three are gone, dead.

There are six of us left.

They are hunting us, and they won’t stop until they’ve killed us all.

I am Number Four. I know that I am next.” p. 9


I loved this book. And true love lasts a lifetime.

It is so amazing to me the books that are being written for YA readers right now. There are so many great books… makes me jealous that these books weren’t around when I was a YA.

But why do I feel this way? Well I think that this book was the perfect mix of escapism and realism. There was just enough different in the plot for me to go “What the…”, but not so much that I couldn’t relate to the ideas presented. I never moved as a kid, but I could totally imagine what it would be like to live like John, never knowing when you’d have to run again. The total chaos that would create in your life, and h0w resigned to it all that you would become. Other aspects of John’s life (which I won’t share due to their spoilerish nature) I couldn’t relate to at all, but that didn’t make them any less awesome!! And awesome is always good. Amirite?

John and Henri were totally relatable characters and I became completely invested in their story. I still am! I thought that Pittacus Lore used totally appropriate language for both of them… especially given that he is an elder from Lorien and English wouldn’t be his first language. Props to him, right?? 🙂

As for the storyline… the real reason why I loved this book… well let’s just say that it was pretty intense. In an action-movie, thrill-ride sort of way. But better, because it wasn’t on a screen. This one was in my head… so I could see it just the way I wanted to! And sometimes that’s really better, isn’t it??

Rating: 4 out of 5 star rating

A solid 4 stars in my book. I want to know what happens next!!

The reason it’s not 5 stars: the movie came out so quickly after the book. This superimposed Hollywood’s vision of the characters over my own before I’d had them totally solidified in my mind. And I hate that! Espeically because Hollywood is wrong. 😉 (Why? Because I said so.)

But still, it’s an awesome book, and I will be in line to get the next installment when it hits stores. 😀 See you there!

How to get this book:

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Interesting factoids:

  • TPTB (the powers that be) made this book into a movie. In case you missed that memo, check out the trailer.

How do I feel about this?  BLARGH.  I think that sums it up nicely.

Basically, had I not read the book 1st, I would have coped. I like action-y movies, and I like when there is potential for sequels. I also like Timothy Olyphant (dude who plays Henri). But, unfortunately, I did read the book first. And so I sat through the entire movie like a Harry Potter-phile, picking apart every little stupid difference between the two. Hence the blargh.

I am not saying don’t watch it. Just don’t blame me if you have a similar reaction. I will do the told you so dance if you try.

  • Pittacus Lore’s author bio. Because it’s awesome.
  • Book 2 “The Power of Six” comes out August 23rd. Say it with me now… SQUEEEEEEEEE! 🙂
  • Finally, some info on the mysterious Bernie Kosar. Because, honestly, who is this guy! (I totally did not know. So I will just save you having to look it up. You are welcome. 😉 )