Most people have heard of the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Even if you weren’t made to read it in high school, or in a college or university English class; most people are also familiar with the basic plot of the novel. (If you aren’t, this can help you out. If it sounds like something you’d like to read, we’ve got the book, (in two places), a playaway copy, the movie, and access to an e-book and an e-audiobook. Don’t everyone rush out and read/listen to/watch it all at once. We might not have enough copies. 😉 lol)

The point of my mentioning Lord of the Flies?

Right, I did have one! And it was… that there are many similarities between that book and the book that I reviewed for this week’s blog post. But don’t hold that against this week’s book. As many of the recent trend of book mashups have proven, adding a twist on a classic can take it to a whole new and completely awesome level. So without any further ado, please give a warm YABooks@BPL welcome to

*pause for effect*

book cover of "Gone" by Michael Grant

Gone by Michael Grant


Sam Temple never expected his life to change as drastically as it did a few weeks before his 14th birthday. He’d been sitting in math class with his best friend Quinn when the teacher, and some of his classmates just disappeared. Poof. Gone. And not just from his class, but from the whole school. Every adult and some of the kids, gone. But where?

As kids started to act like it was a holiday from reality, raiding vending machines and generally running amuck; Sam, Quinn and a girl from their grade named Astrid began to wonder what was really going on. Finding no working phones, tv or internet they set off to find out what else had changed in that split second. And nothing could prepare them for what was to come.


It is my opinion that Michael Grant has done his homework. He has watched teenagers in the wild, and he knows how they react in their natural habitat… minus adults/authority figures. Overwhelmingly, they’re good people. They may not pick up after themselves and they may sleep until noon and be up until all hours… but really, without pesky responsibilities and all of the parts of our society that run from 9-5 requiring you to stick to a schedule, who wouldn’t sleep in and stay up late?!?!? (Plus it’s a documented fact that teenagers need more sleep, and need it during different hours of the day than other people. There’s even a documentary about why! So there. 😉 ) This is why I love this book. Michael Grant seems to get it. And boy does he ever do a good job at fleshing his characters out in to believable, 3 dimensional people!

But don’t take my word for it. Read the book! (And then tell me what you think please and thank you.)

Oh and another reason I love this book? The pacing. It’s good. Page-turner good. 🙂 With enough action, introspection, romance, and moments that make you go “What the…?!?!?!” to please anyone. So have at ‘er!

My only question about this whole book… could someone who is learning how to drive read this and let me know if it really is as stressful and complicated as it is portrayed in the book? I’ve been driving for too many years now to remember that part. I do, however, remember how awesome it was to drive alone for the first time!

Rating: four out of five star rating

I give this book a solid 4 stars.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Do I ever not like a book???? Because I seem to be very giving with my star ratings. And what I have to say to that is this:

a) I’ll give as many stars as I want, thank you very much!

b) It takes a lot for me to not like a book. Although in high school I remember having to read several books that made me want to step into traffic à la Regina George. Thankfully that part of our lives is short-lived. 😉

and c) You’d give this book 4 stars too. And you know you would. 🙂 So don’t hate.

How to get this book:

  1. book

FYI: As I mentioned, this is yet another book that is part of a series. And guess what? We’ve got all of them. WIN. After Gone, you’ll want to look for Hunger, Lies and Plague. Aren’t series’ the greatest???

Also, Harper Collins (the publisher) has a book trailer up for Gone. Lamesauce is my comment… but you let me know what you think.

Finally, this is what Michael Grant had to say about Gone.

“Anyway, Gone. My goal in writing the Gone series? To creep you out. To make you stay up all night reading, then roll into school tired the next day, so that you totally blow the big test and end up dropping out of school.” Très funny, Mr. Grant. (from publisher’s page)