So I think we all have to agree that in popular culture, mentors are key to making a successful hero. Luke had Yoda, Bruce Wayne had Ra’s Al Ghul, Daniel had Mr. Miyagi, and Buffy had Giles. Each of the mentors, although they could come in a deceptive package… like a tiny old green dude or a librarian, were totally kick-ass in their own right. Not only did they impart knowledge and provide excellent guidance, but they lay a smackdown when needed and then went right back to being all mentorly. Clearly versatility is important in a mentor. 😉

This week’s book, has a pretty sweet mentor in a very interesting guise. I look forward to getting to know him better as the series moves on! But before I get too far ahead of myself, let me introduce you to this week’s book:

book cover of "Shadowland" by Meg Cabot

Shadowland by Meg Cabot


Suze loves her mom, and she really likes her new step-dad. But moving to California… who were they kidding? This was not her first choice. She may not be the most popular girl, something her mom has never really understood, but moving from New York where she’s comfortable and fits in to the land of surfing and palm trees… not to mention the 3 step-brothers that she’s gaining and will have to live with… Well needless to say, Suze isn’t really ready for everything that she is going to have to get used to with this move.

One thing that hasn’t changed despite moving coasts, however, is Suze’s ability to see and communicate with the dead. And guess what, the house that she’s moving in to has a resident ghost. One that lives in her room.


So I’m going to be straight with you. This book is not new. SHOCKING! Meg Cabot is incredibly prolific (honestly I don’t know how she writes as much as she does… she’s a machine!) and thankfully they keep re-releasing her books so that we can always get our hands on them. This book is one of her back-catalogue that has recently been given new life. It has been published as a 2 book set with the second book in the series, The Ninth Key. But honestly, this book doesn’t feel like it’s not new. There may have been one or two places where I thought, ‘Oh yes, I remember what she’s talking about … nice reference there Cabot’, but on the whole, you will not find this terribly dated. More like awesomely retro!

Suze is my favourite kinds of main character. She’s smart and sassy and able to kick ass, but she’s got some depth. Suze genuinely cares about people, even dead ones. She may not really know how to show it, but you can see it shining through. And I like that. I know I feel this way sometimes, and I remember feeling it more when I was her age. Meg Cabot once again does a wonderful job of creating a relatable and funny character, with lots of depth. And her secondary characters are awesome too. I’m not going to spoil the book for you, but Suze’s new friends are awesome. And her brothers… well I don’t know what’s better about them, Suze’s nicknames for them or the characters themselves!

This book fits right in to the current trend of supernatural stories that is still going strong. (Yes dystopian stories are the newest hottest thing, but who are we kidding, there is always interest in a good ghost story.) So get out your flashlight, make some s’mores and curl up with this series. You won’t regret it. 🙂

Rating: 4 of 5 star rating

I give this book 4 stars. Meg Cabot, is there anything you write that I won’t love?? But my biases aside, is there really anything not to love about a quick read, with lots of funny characters, a fast-paced story and a seriously awesome mentor?? I didn’t think so. 😉

How to get this book:

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  2. playaway

Like I said, this book is part of a series. We have access to several of the books through OverDrive: The Ninth Key, Reunion and The Twilight. Unfortunately that leaves books 4 and 5 out. But don’t worry, we can always Interlibrary Loan them for you. Hopefully OverDrive will see the error of their ways and fix this. (I should really email them about that shouldn’t I??)

We also have tons of Meg’s other books if you’re interested. Her newest one, Abandon looks pretty awesome!!!!!!