So it never ceases to amaze me how things come together sometimes. How all of a sudden something (a word, a theme, an idea) will just show up in your life again and again and you really don’t know what connects these happenings… but you know something does. This has been happening to me a lot lately. First it was this blog I follow (these ladies are geniuses, seriously… I bow to them!), then it was a movie I had forgotten about and rediscovered, then it was an hilarious video on my friend’s facebook profile yesterday. The theme of all of these things?? Beauty Queens. And then I realized what it was all pointing to: this week’s book!

One of the best parts of my job is ordering new books for the collection. I get to read about tons of new books and help to decide which of these books will make it through the doors of BPL. Every once and a while however, I read a review of a book that I immediately want, and not just for the library, but for me. And this, well this is one of those books.

So without further rambling on my part, I would like to introduce you to this week’s pick:

cover of "Beauty Queens" by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray


On their way to film the Miss Teen Dream pagent, the plane carrying the contestants from all 50 states plummets out of the sky and crash-lands on a deserted tropical island. Dazed and confused, the 12 survivors band together to gather supplies, look for any other survivors and scout the island. But all is not as it seems. The island is full of secrets, but these secrets are nothing compared to the ones the girls are keeping from each other.


This book was EPIC. E-P-I-C. EPIC!

I will buy a copy, and it will be a hardcover copy. And I never buy hardcover copies of books. This is mostly because when I read them in bed and fall asleep it really hurts when they smack me in the face. 😉 Oh and they’re also expensive.

But I am going to list for you several of the reasons why I loved this book:

  • Pop culture references: I am a pop culture junkie. I love knowing about what the Kardashians are doing, who is playing Katniss in the Hunger Games movie, and how many degrees of Kevin Bacon there are! So this book, and the zany spoofs of the current trends and stars in pop culture right now was right in my wheelhouse.
  • Beauty Queens: Um hello, who doesn’t love beauty queens? I mean, what’s not to love? There are spray tans, professionally whitened teeth, nose jobs, boob jobs, scandals and pagent parents. Oooh, and sequins… lots and lots of sequins!!!!
  • Irreverent humour: Oh sassy girls! I can’t get enough of characters who are smart-asses. And I love when the ridiculous is pointed out and dealt with head on. Brilliant! 🙂
  • Reasons to watch things like this: Drop Dead Gorgeous & Tom Hanks does Toddlers and Tiaras and generally spend a lot of time on YouTube. 🙂
  • The Cover: A blonde girl in a bikini with a lipstick filled bandolier??? Can you say awesome??

There are other reasons, but because of their spoiler-ish nature I will not mention them here. I want you to be able to love the story as it unfolds… spoiler free!

Rating: 5 of 5 star rating

I really don’t think anyone is shocked by this rating. I’ve already professed my love for the book, and now I’m showing it in numbers… or I guess stars. But same dif right?? 😀

How to get this book:

  1. book

This sucker is brand-spanking-new. It still has that awesome new-book smell. So why are you still sitting here and reading this??? Go get it!!!