So I’m doing something I’ve never done on this blog before today. Promoting a library event. *gasp!* 😉 It’s not that there haven’t been events in the past that I could have promoted. But this one, it’s special. Why? Because it’s for you. A young adult who lives in/near Bracebridge and has an interest in books. And you are who this blog is for!! So you can see why I’d be promoting the event right??? Ok. Good. 😉

Here’s the scoop. Local author, Bryan Dearsley, will be coming to the library to promote the release of his YA adventure Alex Mortimer and the Beast of Wildeor. This is happening in 3 weeks and 2 days (also known as December 10th) at a not terribly early hour of the day (a.k.a. 11am). Get out your calendar, and put that in!

He will not only be signing copies of his book, but Mr Dearsley will also do a reading from Alex Mortimer… making this event an honest to goodness BOOK SIGNING. Like ones you see famous people doing for their much less awesome books about how they got famous for doing nothing. (Paris Hilton anyone? Can’t include the Kardashians in that list, obvs, as they’re so hard working and don’t do things solely for the press. OBVS.) Clearly, however, this will be better. Because Mr Dearsley wrote this book himself! And it’s an adventure book! Who doesn’t love adventures???

There will be copies available to buy, for the low low price of $19.95, and some of that $$ goes to support the Friends of the Bracebridge Public Library. Who are these Friends you ask? Well they’re people who ❤ the library as much as we do and spend their time fundraising for awesome things the library needs. We ❤ the Friends here @ YAbooks@BPL. 🙂

So come to the library Dec 10th @ 11am for this totally YA-centric event!

No seriously, do it. 😉

BTW, need more info about the event or want more info about Alex Mortimer and the Beast of Wildeor? Check our FB page!